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I’ve wanted to write a post about my Momma for a long time…

But how I can I put into words how much this woman means to me?

Not only did she give me life she’s made me into the woman I am today.

She was not only my mom and mom to my biological brother and sister, but she opened up her Momma Heart to many other children…even when they wouldn’t or couldn’t love her back.  It brings tears to my eyes to think about how wonderful she is.  As I write this, she is helping my 7 month along pregnant sister (who already has two lil’ girls) and her family pack to move to a new location.   She does anything for us.  She’s just that kind of mom…

Last year Momma went to Mexico, twice, to help her very sick and dying sis-in-law to help fight cancer.  Momma was by Evalyn’s bed, softing her head, when she was ready to go be with the Lord.  And now she’s watching over Evalyn’s grown children, being a “fill-in” momma for them.  She’s just that kind of mom…

Momma and Daddy are currently working to turn their out-building into an apartment so that she can take better care of my grandparents.  She’s just that kind of mom…

So before I really turn into a blubbering mess, here’s several photos of my sweet Momma….

Even a cutie when she was little!

Awesome cattle show-man, show-woman, show-er…or whatever you call it.  I never did get that much into farm/country life….. (Mommy, what’s that smell?!….barf.  That’s how I handled farm life) But she was awesome at it!  Look at that ribbon!

And she was cheerleader!

And she got married…two weeks after graduating from high school (she was a baby!)

Skip ahead several years and now she’s got 3 hooligans……

Oh….the glorious vacation shots!

Momma & her girls.  This was taken right before/after Mike and I got married….

Momma and her 6’8″ baby boy (she’s standing on a chair, by the way)

Nana and Cowpa with their first grandbaby (Momma still looks like a baby herself…I, on the other hand, look like…well…like I’d just given birth…ugh)

Five generations (my great grandmother, Morene, is still living :D)

And she is one awesome Nana…just ask Cade…or Rae…or Clark…or Savanna…or Ella….or Canton.  Natalie will be able to tell you once she finally gets here…and learns to talk.  So you may have to wait to ask Natalie, but you can feel free to ask the others right now.

She’s even brave enough to try her hand at Country Golf….and let Mike get her picture 😀

Here’s a more recent pic of the original Clark clan.

I’ve refrained from putting up pictures of the other the kids that she was Mom to….because of the legality of it all.  But I will list their names:

Mike (not my Mike….even though we lived close to Arkansas…I did not pick up any strange behaviors like marrying a brother – no offense, my Arkansas friends :D)

Michelle 1 😀






Michelle 2 😀




And I may have missed some…it was harder to keep track after I got married.

Even though I look NOTHING like my Momma…we have kindred spirits.

I love you, Momma

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