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Summer Updates

RSD Update: I feel like I’ve slept through most of the Summer because of these crazy pain pills.  BUT I’m already seeing some real improvements, so I shouldn’t be on them for too much longer.  I’m taking less every day.  YEAH!!!  The vitamin D is making feel better all over….emotionally and physically, and my physical therapy is working.  My range of motion is remarkably better and walking with just barely a limp.  I may have RSD, but it’s not going to rule my life!

I spent all last week working on switching the kiddos rooms around.  Actually, we moved Cade into his own room and Reagan in with Clarky.  It was a big, BIG project because I hadn’t gone through any of their clothes in a long time.  I ended up with three trash bags full of clothes for my sister’s girls, one bag for my brother’s lil’ guy, and two bags saved back for Clark.  I can’t believe all that stuff actually fit in their rooms!

Here’s Cade’s new room:

And Reagan & Clarky’s bunk beds:

I can’t believe the school year is about to start…Didn’t the kiddos just get out for the summer?  We’ve made some big decisions concerning school this year.  Reagan will be attending the Community School of Hutchinson…a small Christian school/homeschool co-op.  She will attend school Monday through Friday and then I will homeschool her on Thursday and Fridays.  It’s a decision that we (Mike and I) thought about and prayed about for quite a bit during the last school year.  I love Morgan Elementary.  I love the teachers, the staff, the principle. Every teacher my kiddos have had are good Christian women and they have loved on and taken care of my babies during the school year.  However, I felt like we were losing my little girl.  We’ve never had a bad experience there, and as a matter of fact, Cade will continue there again this year.  We had issues with the influence of the kids, the girls she was around.  It was just things that were completely out the teachers’ controls.  There’s only so much they can do.  So, this is how we came to this decision.  I feel at peace at about it.  I’m really looking forward to spending more one on one time with Reagan.  Since she’s my middle baby, she gets a little lost in the shuffle at times.

Clark will start preschool this year, too.  Community School has a one day a week preschool and Clark is sooooo excited that he’s going to school with his best friend.  He has an evaluation this week concerning his speech, so we’ll find out if he’ll be returning to speech therapy again this fall.  AND he got a haircut this morning (“wike Daddy, pweeeze” he told me):

So with Cade going to Morgan Elementary and Reagan going to Community School and Clark starting preschool and possibly speech therapy…we are in for a full Fall 😀

As far as recipes…I just haven’t been making anything new lately.  Once school starts, we’ll be back on a more regular schedule and I’ll be back to cooking again.  I did make Pizza and No Bakes tonight…yummo!

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