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I’ve been “Snack Director” (hehehe) for VBS for 6 years.  This year we had over 200 kids 3 of the 4 nights, and then all the kids brought their families for the closing program last night (200+ kids and all their families…holy moly!).  Anyways…lots of kids and lots of vbs volunteers means lots of snacks.  Here is a sample of some of the goodies from the week 😀

In a Jam Sandwiches (white bread and grape jelly, cut into hearts)

We served over 50 snacks at a time!

Faith Kabobs (fruit and cheese cubes)

Fishy Snack Mix

The first night we had sugar cookies with frosting and red sprinkles called Naaman Dippers…based on the story of Naaman.

It was a fun week, but honestly, I’m glad it’s over.  This is my last year of doing this and I’m glad to be passing the torch on to someone else 😀

Thank you to Kris, Crystal, and Angel for helping out all week.  You ladies are awesome!  Another thank you goes to Julie and her kiddos helping out last night for the closing program!

And if YOU made cookies for the closing program last night (because I know several of you did): THANK YOU!


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