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It’s sinking in

I’ve been dealing with this pain for the last 3 months, thinking the whole time that there was going to be an easy solution just around the corner, an answer after the x-ray, a relatively quick fix after the MRI.  And I didn’t get any of that.  I got an answer that has really thrown me.  An answer that there is no cure…only pain management.  I’m too young for this, right?!  I’m only 33.  This is the kind of stuff “older” people deal with.

chronic pain

complex regional pain syndrome

I am now labeled with a disease…

and I’m struggling with it.

I hate bringing attention to myself.  I like that I’m a “wallflower”.  I prefer to stand in the corner out of the way of the spotlight.  Now, walking with a limp…for who knows how long…is going to bring attention.  People will ask questions and then I’ll have to try to explain CRPS when I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.

It all hurts…not just my foot but also my heart and my mind.

Please understand that I may be in “hiding” for awhile.  I’m just trying to understand it and staying close to my family and my God.

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