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Natalie Karen

Wow…what a day.  It all started with getting a call from my bro-in-law, Austin, at 4:30 this morning.

“It’s time,” he said calmly.

I jumped up (as much as a gimp foot will let me jump…lol) and gathered a few things, woke up Reagan and we were on our way to Medicine Lodge by 5:15am.

One of Katrina’s first requests?  Bacon Bread

How can I not make this for a woman who is about to give birth at home…with no drugs?!

It was yummy, as usual, and enjoyed by everyone present (Katrina, Austin, their 2 lil’ girls, Reagan, Missy (Katrina’s best friend), Missy’s lil one, the 2 mid-wives, my momma, and myself).  It’s the one thing Katrina kept snacking on throughout the labor process…lol.  Well, the bacon bread and these 😀

It’s hard to describe my feelings from today.  Wow.  It’s the word “wow” that keeps coming up.  I can. not. believe. the strength that my baby sister has….

A home birth.

No drugs.

Did I mention this already?!  I mean she barely even moaned!  She is amazing…so strong…so in control.  It was beautiful.  Not only did I shed tears because of seeing my new lil’ niece for the first time, but I shed even more that my baby sister wanted me to be there with her…holding her hand through the last final moments.  I don’t know that I was the one who deserved that position…that right.  But I was there and it was….it was…amazing.

Here’s a few pics from today (and keep in mind that these were taken with my phone):

When we went to Pizza Hut to give the girls something to do while we were waiting.  Ella fell asleep on Nana’s lap.

Here is Miss Addie…Missy’s lil’ one

Not just cousins…FRIENDS! (Savanna & Reagan)

Look at those precious little feet!

Midwife is trying to guess her weight…they guessed 6lbs 11oz but she was 7lbs 3oz!

Getting her little feet printed..and not that happy about it.

Big Sister getting to hold baby sister

Momma Katrina telling Savanna that it’s okay if the baby cries

Katrina and her bestie: Missy (they’ve been friends since they were 5!) Please take note of the Bacon Bread on the plate….LOL

Katrina & Nana & Natalie

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