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Cade and Kai

A couple of weeks ago these two lil’ guys got to hang out together for a whole week.

They have been the best of friends for a very, very long time!  Kai is the son of my cousin, Kenny.  As it turns out, Kai’s younger sister, Karissa, was hanging out at the camp with Reagan and the grandmas and great aunts and great grandma.  I know they had a blast because Reagan barely had time to talk to me when I called to check on her.  lol

Anyways, the boys have been the greatest of friends since they were lil’ bity.    Even though they only see each other a few times a year, they always pick up right were they left off!  It happened to work out for Kai to come up here and spend a week with us, and they boys had such a great time.  We went to the area free splash parks, went to Salt City Splash Aquatic Center, and had a few snow cones 😀  They played basketball, played games on the PS3, and had lots of wrestling sessions.

It’s really been a lot of fun for them to be together.  What really maked me laugh was to hear them giggling.  And they did that a lot!!

This is me and my cousins and our lil’ guys (they were around 1 year old here)  From left to right: Kenny with Kai, Chad with Brock, and me with Cade.

They were about 2 years old here.

They boys showing me how they really feel about each other 😀

This is me with Kai’s daddy, Kenny

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