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I’m not gonna lie…I’ve kinda been hiding out the last several days. I went to see podiatrist on Friday…thinking I’d be getting a shot for Morton’s Neuroma and be feeling better by this week. However, he thinks it’s not neuroma but rather a fracture, and only an MRI will confirm it. He ordered some scripts for lortab and mobic (prescription strength tylenol and ibuprofen), put me in a boot and sent me to set up the appointment. I can’t get in until next week. So this is where I’m at with this crazy foot business. I’m just pretty frustrated with it all. It’s been 3 months since I “stubbed” my toe. The meds are working fairly well, but they make me groggy. It’s hard to be a good mommy and wife and friend when on these kind of meds. Not only that, but what if it’s not fractured? Why does it hurt so bad? Anyways, I can feel the fingers of depression wrapping around me and I hate it. I really would just like to hide in my room and not wake up until its all better. I know that’s not gonna happen, though. Can you pray for me?

I’m really sorry I haven’t posted more the last couple of weeks. I’ve got some drafts started but I’m struggling with finishing. I’ll try to do better. I’ll just let you know that they may be sparse. I’m on call because my sister, Katrina, is due with her 3rd baby girl this week. That is exciting, though!! I’ve got several recipes floating around in my head and I’ll try my best to get them up soon.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!!

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