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Daddy and His Girl

Well, yesterday was Father’s Day and today is Reagan’s birthday.  It just makes sense that they go together…because she really is her daddy’s sweet girl.  She’s spending the day (actually this whole week and possibly next week with her Nana in Oklahoma).  I just tried calling her a few minutes ago to visit, but she was just too busy swimming and wanted to know if she could call me back later.  Yep.  That’s my girl.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since she came into this world.  The whole week before her arrival, Mike and I had been at church camp in Arkansas City.  I was all over that campus.  All. over. it.  Right in the middle of week though, I had terrible braxton-hicks contractions and I just thought for sure she was coming that night.  However, they finally subsided and we came home that Friday, worn out.  I was glad I had a whole week until her due date though, because there was a lot I wanted to get done.  However, true to her fashion…my water broke the next morning and she made her appearance that Saturday afternoon.  Has it really been seven years…because I’m thinking it seems a whole lot more like just 2 years instead of seven.  But that can’t be because my “baby” – Clark –  is 4 now.

Well, I’ll be posting more pictures of her birthday party on another day…seeing as how she’s not even here to celebrate…lol  Once she gets back, we’ll be having a party with some of her friends.


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