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We have had such a great time staying with Matt & Nicole & Lily. And it’s coming to a close all too soon…

Yesterday, we headed out to Grant’s Farm…another great free attraction in St. Louis. It’s got the original home of Ulysses S. Grant and it’s also the home of the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale Horses. It’s a lot like a small zoo with some cool birds, elephants, camels, and lots of other animals. They will even let you try out two cups of their beer…for free…if you’re into that sort of thing :D. However, my favorite part was feeding the baby goats.

Today we hung out here most of the day. Everyone went swimming again this afternoon, except me. I stayed back here, icing down foot/toe and cursing why all this stupid kind of stuff happens to me….

Not really…about the cursing part, at least. I just watched t.v. And enjoyed the quiet :D. I did finally break down and call our family doctor. I’ve got an appointment on Monday. By then, it will have been 9 weeks since that fateful day that I stubbed my toe on that chair. Who knew?! I guess I’ve waited long enough, right?

Anyhoooooo, back to our vacation. Despite my toe woes…we’ve really had a great time. We had some awesome pizza tonight and we got to see Matt play softball. Those Campbell boys have skills, I tell ya!!

My kiddos have really connected with Lily. You see in these pics that they were all having a great time together. Even Boomer & Maggie were in sync (our Jack Russells)…lol. However, there was a special little bond between Cade and Lily. She really took to him!! He taught her how to wrestle 😀 and she in turn would squeal and run around in sheer delight. It’s been a lot of fun to see this cool relationship form. I won’t be showing you any pictures of the tears tonight at bedtime. You see… Lily will still be asleep in the morning when we leave, and Cader’s big 9 year old heart was crushed to have to say good-bye. He’s really gonna miss her. It’s these beautiful, relaxing, soul uplifting family times that I long for our families to be closer. It makes me want to live closer to my brother & sister and their families. It makes me long to live closer to Mike’s siblings and their families. But God has called us to do something else. Something bigger. Something for His kingdom. But oh, how I wish for close proximity to family. Someday….

We’ll be in the road again tomorrow..already…


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