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My First Paid Gig

Got a call this week from a sweet lady that attends our church.  She asked me if I’d make some cookies for her.  For the record, I get lots of calls to make stuff…especially for church.  And I LOVE to do it.  It’s a ministry.  And I jump right in and usually offer even before I’m asked.  However, Norma said she pay me and it wasn’t for church.  Sweet!  I was soooo excited…I made them immediately after she called and then finished them today.  Baked ’em and frosted ’em.  Wow.  It was fun!!  I now know for sure that this is something I’d like to do on a regular basis once the kids are older.  I’m not very good at lots of stuff on my plate….I don’t juggle lots of activities well.  But once the kids are older and more self-sufficient….I’m definitely looking into some kind of baking career.  Thank you, Norma.  You don’t know how much this meant to me!!

Oh, and if you’re wondering….you can find the recipe here.


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God’s Handiwork

I found all these beauties in my backyard.  I’ve got no green thumb, so they’re all there because God put them there for me to enjoy 😀

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