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Oooooooklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain…..

From my parent’s porch – looking west.

I’m going home, Friends.  I’m gonna see my momma & daddy.  My brother Colt & nephew, Canton.  Gonna see Mike’s parents, too.  They just moved back to Tulsa.

Gonna eat some steak.  Gonna have some birthday cake.  This weekend is my daddy’s b’day and I share a b’day with my lil’ nephew Canton on March 5th.

Daddy & Momma

Colt and lil’ Canton

And my baby sister, Katrina – with her girls.  She and her family don’t live in Oklahoma now, but I wish she did.  I miss her, and Austin and the girls and the new little one that’s gonna arrive in July.  I love you, Katrina!

This was my birthday, Canton’s Birth Day, almost 3 years ago. 😀

And this is the whole lot of us…back in February of ’08

I love my family!

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