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Welcome to my new blog!!  This is definitely more “me”. Please be patient with me as work out the kinks!

Mike has gone to Oklahoma for the next couple of days to help his parents move to their new home.  They’ve been ministering in Illinois for the last 12 years and are now moving back to be closer to family.  We are sooo excited!!  With Mike being gone today (and tomorrow) and with the kids in school all day today, I’ve had some rare quiet time.  Some time for introspection….

The amount of very dear and close friends I have I can count on one hand.  I just don’t get that close to people.  It’s partially due to being an introvert.  In partially due to having a tight-knit family.  It has a lot to do with growing up in a children’s home (my parents ministered there for 21 years).  I don’t handle pain well.  I don’t handle rejection well.  I don’t handle people hurting those I love well.  I take things in very deeply and personally.  I found out last Spring, during a bout of extreme depression and through some counseling, that I’m what you would call a “highly sensitive person” (sounds so clinical, doesn’t it…lol)  Basically, it just means all my senses run deep. I smell, taste, hear, see and feel deeply.  I feel joy – extremely.  I feel pain – extremely.  This in itself is hard for an introvert that doesn’t want to bring any attention whatsoever to myself.  I don’t like extremes – they cause attention.

Back to my original thought though….the amount of deep friendships I have can be counted on one hand.  One of them is my husband.  I love Mike dearly.  I remember praying in high school that I’d meet a man who would love God more than me.  I NEVER dreamed that would mean a pastor..LOL.  It literally never ever ever ever EVER crossed my mind.  I grew up in a deeply Christian-rooted family, but I wasn’t around minister’s a lot.  They just didn’t play a big role in my life (another extra of growing up in a children’s home).  So when I met Mike, him being a pastor meant nothing to me.  I just knew I loved him and that I wanted to be with him…forever.  Part of his marriage proposal was:  “I can’t do this without you.  I’m going to need you by my side.” (meaning ministry)  I had no idea the full impact of what he was telling me 😀  There’s certainly no way I could do this (meaning ministry) without him.  He’s a rock when I crumble.  He’s the voice of reason when I can’t find reason.  His love of God runs so deep, I wish I had an ounce of his conviction and faithfulness.  He too is an introvert….but he puts himself out there and pushes himself because his love for God is greater than his desire to be home…by himself…which is his favorite place.  He loves kids deeply, too.  He has a special love for teenagers that I have a hard time grasping.  And just to put it out there…I’m afraid of them.  I barely made it through my teenage years.  I have no desire to ever ever relive those days.  I’m scared of when my kids will turn this age.  I’ve seen the horrible and mean and abusive things that teenagers do and say to adults (yet another extra of growing up in a children’s home).  But not Mike…he loves them, loves preteens and teens, in spite of themselves…lol  He sees their potential, their potential in God’s kingdom.  He’s amazing, in case you haven’t gotten this yet.  I love him.

Now…on to food 😀  I just love Mexican Night.  I love Mexican food.  I love that Mexican food is easy to make!  Tonight was the Shara Bueno fast food joint.  Cade opted for crispy mini taco’s; Rae ordered quesadillas; and Dooser (Clarky) and I went for the Nachos.  All made from one batch of taco meat seasoned with house seasoning and fajita seasoning!  Yeah!

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