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It’s Monday…Again

Well, Ya’ll….I’m t i r e d! Mondays are a crazy: Clark to speech therapy, got half of my groceries at Glen’s Bulk Foods (awesome, awesome, awesome store, by the way!), came home to babysit my lil’ Lucy over the lunch hour, finished up getting my other half of groceries @ Walmart (ugh), and by this time, the older two were home from school….starving, of course. Good thing it’s Mexican night…Tacos! Easy, Peasy!

Brown up some hamburger meat, sprinkle on your favorite seasoning. Warm up the taco shells and tortillas. Set out your favorite toppings (tonight we had refried beans, farmer’s cheese, chopped romaine, leftover corn, & salsa).

If you haven’t discovered these yet, I want to introduce you to these yummy little white corn taco shells. We tried them several months ago, and I’ll never go back to buying yellow corn shells. These are just too good. Very light and crispy!!

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