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It’s Pizza Night!!

Well, we’ve made it to the kid’s official favorite night of the week. They actually get up on Thursday mornings and announce that it’s Pizza Night. On the menu tonight: Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and Sausage/Bacon/Mushroom.
As a disclaimer, I want to point out that I deal with depression, and have for 4 years this month. It’s particularly difficult during this time of the year….when it’s so cold all the time, when the days are so dark, when the kids can’t go outside, when the hoopla of the holidays are over, etc. It’s because of the depression that I quit doing my last blog. However, it’s because of the depression that I’ve started this one. I need something to keep me busy, something to look forward to, an outlet, a hobby. This all brings me to the last couple of days. It’s been tough. Feelings of worthlessness, of doubt; struggling abnormally with my weight; being overly angry at the kids; wanting to just sleep all day; crying over stupid stuff. They usually just creep up on me.
So even though I LOVE TO BAKE (and I especially enjoy making homemade pizza), today was just not one of those normal days. So I’m glad I have a hubby who’s willing to do this for me:

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